Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Late Afternoon Trip Up The Canyon

Took some "railfan" style photos down at the 'ol GEHAMS club. One in particular I fell like sharing. The original was color, shot at f8, 4 sec. exposure with an ISO rating of 50 on my Canon S2IS. I straightened, cropped, removed the color, added an orange filter(~20% saturation) and sharpened it a little.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some More Samplings.

F7A 6429

SD9 3932

A Welcome and Some Samplings

Welcome to the Mad Doctor's Workbench of Mystery.

The "Mad Doctor" part comes from comments given to me on several model railroad forums, due to my borderline committable, virgo-istic approach to detailing models... The "Mystery" part... well, nobody knows what might be conjured up during my model railroading exploits...

A little background. I have had a love for trains pretty much my whole life, so much so that I hired out with BNSF in 2001 and currently working as a Locomotive Engineer. Model railroading has played a major role in my life. My interest has transformed from "playing with trains" to replicating the Southern Pacific Railroad's Oregon Division, circa July, 1967 in N scale(1/160th). I have taken a keen interest in the railroad operations associated with the lumber industry.

I decided to start this blog as a more universal way to expose my model work. I plan to update my blog as my projects progress, but everyone knows how "plans" work... I do document my progress by way of photographic evidence as I plan(there's that word again...) to share.

Some samplings...

F7A 6344

GP9 3666

F7B's 8222 and 8248